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For those who thrive from fitness, there is no better way to explore a city than cycling through it. Whether it’s through parks, along the coast or down cosmopolitan streets, pedalling during your travels will certainly change your outlook of any place.

Cardiff-based architect Kulvir Singh Virk is a huge advocate for this tourist experience. He hires a bike during his travels whenever possible, allowing him to explore as authentically as he can. Listed below are some of the best cities to cycle through.



Amsterdam, Holland 

With approximately 515km of cycling lanes throughout this canal-lined city, it comes as no surprise that Amsterdam is an ideal destination for cyclists to enjoy. The city even has specific traffic systems for bikes, including traffic lights. Due to the high number of bike riders, Amsterdam has plenty of cycle rental shops where tourists can rent a bike for the duration of their trip. Whilst cycling is convenient, meaning the city can be explored quickly and extensively, tourists will also enjoy an authentic Dutch experience whilst doing so.

Copenhagen, Denmark 

Studies show that 49% of Copenhagen’s population commute to work or school by bike. The Danish capital has invested heavily in creating a greener environment for its citizens to live in, as reflected by specific cycle tracks, the reduction of traffic on the streets and the introduction of green routes. Therefore, when visiting Copenhagen you can take in the astounding beauty of the city whilst healthily exerting yourself via exercise, without the fear of traffic-plagued cosmopolitan streets on your mind. On streets with higher volumes of traffic in the form of vehicles, there are painted bike lanes to ensure cyclists are as safe as possible.

Tokyo, Japan 

Whilst many tourists will naturally resort to using Tokyo’s train system, it certainly proves beneficial to cycle through parts of the city – not only as a fitness benefit but also as a way to improve your experience of this vibrant Japanese city, allowing you to immerse yourself in the blend of contemporary and historical buildings it has to offer. Away from the digital screens and a buzzing city centre, slightly quieter routes can be accessed stretching along the coast. Many popular cycling routes are situated along the Arakawa River, which provide beautiful views of Tokyo as well as wonderous natural scenery.

Next time you set off to explore a new city, it is definitely worth considering cycling as your mode of transport. This is not only an environmentally friendly option that is also healthy and proven to enhance your fitness, but it also offers a new way to explore each corner of the place you have travelled to and immerse yourself amongst local citizens and their lifestyles.


Kulvir Singh Virk

Benefits of City Cycling