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 My most frequently asked quiestions

Where Does the Term ‘Architect’ Originate?

‘Architect’ derives from the Latin word ‘architectus’ which itself derives from the Greek term for ‘chief builder’.

What Are the Education and Experience Requirements to Be an Architect?

A university degree is usually required for those wishing to pursue a career in this profession. Experience-wise, an internship lasting around two to three years is normally sufficient. Prior to licensure, a candidate must pass a Registration Exam or series of exams.

At What Point in a Project Is an Architect Hired?

An architect can be hired as soon as a client is ready to begin on the design of their construction project.

How Is an Architect’s Fee Calculated?

Fee structures are typically based on a percentage of the construction value at an hourly rate, as a rate per unit area or a fixed lump sum fee.

Do Architects Have Specialisations?

The last few decades have seen a rise in specialisations within the profession. This could take the form of a focus on certain project types – such as those relating to healthcare, public housing or retail buildings – technological expertise or project delivery methods. Furthermore, some architects specialise in building code, sustainable design or technical writing.

What Is the Name of the National Professional Organisations of Architects in the UK?

The Association of Consultant Architects is the UK’s professional architectural body, and it exists to promote business development and careers in architecture.

How Can an Architect in the UK Become a Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects?

Architects in the UK who have contributed to the profession through architectural education or design excellence, or who have advanced the profession by another means, can be elected as a Fellow to the Royal Institute of British Architects. Those who were elected to this organisation after 1971 may use the initials RIBA after their name if they so wish. Members elected before 1971 may add the letters FRIBA after their name.

What Is the Pritzker Prize?

The Pritzker Prize is known in the industry as the ‘Nobel Prize for architecture’ and is the most lucrative award an architect can receive. The first winner of the Pritzker Prize was Philip Johnson, who received the accolade for ’50 years of imagination and vitality.’

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